Monday, February 22, 2016

Things Parents Say (Farm Edition)

So I've seen these great posts floating around Facebook land.

We all have.
And we all relate, don't we?

I do........kind of.

Well if you didn't know I have 4 boys and a farm, which really changes stuff up every once in a while.


For instance instead of me saying "Please don't shove your brother",

I say: "Please don't try to purposely shove your brother into the pig fence so he gets shocked".

Ha ha, funny right? *sarcasm inserted*
So here is my list of                      Things Farm Parents Say
1. No. Stop. That chicken does not want to go down the slide.
          (Trust me. They really don't) 
2. Please don't eat the snow by the chicken coop.
3. Stop riding the pig.
(Max seriously loves the chickens)
4. Please don't put the calf bottle in your mouth! Are you a cow?!

(Don't I have the cutest farm hands?)
 5. Please stop playing tag on the excavator. It is not a jungle gym!
6. Please empty your pockets. I will not be making scrambled eggs in the washer again.
(This also applies to husbands. Eggs in pockets are a serious common occurrence here.)
7. Do not put your food scraps in the garbage! You know better than that! There are hungry animals outside! Throw them out the front door.
8. You can go as far as that last hay bale and no farther! I have to be able to see you!
9. You can only swim in the cow waterer when supervised.
10. Who stepped in cow poop?
11. Who left the door open? There are chickens in the mudroom!
12. Please get that chicken out of the van.
13. Who's turn is it to make a mud puddle for the pigs?
14. Your pig is not a pillow. Ok. Maybe he is.
14. Wait? You didn't bring any shoes?! (This happens far more often than I care to admit)
15. I don't care what you wear to go do chores but you have to have on boots! 
16. Don't pee on the electric fence. (Classic but very true)
17. Please put clothes on. Someone is coming down the driveway.
18.  Fence posts are not swords!
19. Its chore time!!
20. Do you know how lucky you are to be a farm kid?
What are some of the crazies things you have said to your kids?
Hope you enjoyed a glimpse into my life.





  1. Loved it!!

    "Don't pee on my flowers. Go pee on the tree!"

    "Tick check!"

    i have lots of the pictures with them in underwear and boots. It makes for a new farmers tan. :)

  2. We don't have a farm, but we have backyard chickens, and we have *totally* had to tell the kids that the chickens don't want to go down the slide. Because you're right, they totally don't. :)

    However, we do have some adorable pictures of them as few-day-old chicks on a little doll playground of the kids'. Going down the tiny little slide, swinging on a swing, hiding in the climbing structure. That was pretty cute. :) (No, I didn't take the pictures, I found them on the iPad after the fact.)